E-Journals is my personal voice that I wish to establish on the net and my online journal, thoughts and rant, if you wish, on the everyday difficulties that we have in our modern world.



The role of e-Journals is to:

  • promote the interests of health subjects;
  • provide a collective support network for Member Associations to successfully improve and conditions for training, equipment, health and safety measurements;
  • advocate for adequate and equitable resources for promoting products that help people get better;
  • identify key issues which impact on Members and facilitate the resolution of these issues;
  • react and respond, upon request, to issues that may have ramifications; and
  • liaise with the community on issues affecting general well being.


By raising awareness on these issues, e-Journals promotes a community agenda. Many associations have contributed to the deliberations on such issues as supplemental knowledge; organized groups; and technological innovation in the medical field, such as DNA testing and the Canadian Physical Information Center renewal projects.

E-Journals 2015 PRIORITIES

Sustainability, Fairness and Efficiency



The world certainly understands the challenges that all levels of society are facing when it comes to staying healthy, after all, we’re all suffering from the same problems, however it is important to remember that private organizations require adequate operating and training resources in order to effectively tackle the diverse and escalating demands within big cities and small towns in keeping our communities healthier.

Meeting the understandable expectations of wellness and healthfulness requires a visible community presence to develop a strong working relationship with the public.

The general public is on the same page, we both want to see more assistance, visible and active, in our communities.

Reduced obesity rates are an important testament to the hard work and dedication that people have shown towards the ultimate goal of healthier communities across our country, but it is important to note that those successes are the result of significant investments in our health care system and infrastructure, and to continue those successes, we need those investments to continue.

For any inquiry you’re welcome to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more resources and materials for you task.


Alek Shankargargh



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