An Overview of The BoingVert Jump System

BoingVert is one the most advertised vertical jump training programs available nowadays. It has enjoyed its greatest success after its introduction to the internet audience in 2010.

But many people still question the legitimacy of this program. It’s easy to understand why – there are hardly any details about it on the net. Other than people showcasing their dunks on instagram and a handful of sites that mention it, there’s nothing.

For this reason I decided to buy this program and shed some light on it.

Today I will give you a rough overview of this mysterious vertical jump training system and share with you my thoughts about it.

Let’s start.

How The Program Looks?

Its format is in the form of a private members area along with videos and ebook materials that are all about jumping higher.

Shawn Myszka, the author of the program, has been a personal trainer for a lot of professional athletes. He has written the outline for BoingVert based on his vast experience as a coach along with Kelly Bagget, another renowned trainer. Thus, his coaching and training methods are written out in a logical and empirical way.

BoingVert Features

BoingVert goes in depth into the dieting habits and routine exercises that affect an athlete’s vertical jump. The program offers great advice on how to train for the vertical jump and how to do it the right way. It states the correct approaches you should take in order to make the best out of your training.

The author, Shawn Myszka, who is a vertical jump coach, has created a system for increasing your vertical leap systematically over a period of seven months. Inside BoingVert he presents charts and plans of intensive workout periods for the entire duration of the program.

He stresses out the fact that a high level of commitment is required in order to reap the benefits from this program.

Nonetheless, the program does a good job of making it easier for you to stay consistent, as the exercises are frequently rotated so that it doesn’t become too repetitive and boring over time.

Combination of Exercises

BoingVert is a very detailed workout program that includes stretches, strength training and plyometric exercises. When you combine all of these elements together, you get a complete workout program that helps you increase your vertical jump quickly and effectively.


Multiple approaches are combined to create a stronger effect.

The actual secret of this program is how the mechanics of every exercise are executed.

The exercises are explained thoroughly in order to be executed correctly. Each exercise has a video demonstration that shows you how to execute it properly.

The plyometric exercises inside BoingVert help to increase the explosive strength in your legs. This explosiveness is extremely crucial for volleyball and basketball players as it tremendously affects the overall performance of their game.

Advantages of BoingVert

One of the biggest advantages of BoingVert is that it teaches you how to use proper form so that you’re able to jump higher already on the first week. This is a well designed program that helps you gain quickness and balance along with height on your vertical jump.

The program not only offers relevant and helpful information on how to jump higher, but it also teaches you the physics and the science behind vertical jump.

But that’s not all.

BoingVert has a lot of extra resources, guides and interactive training to help you structure and customize the workouts to your level and needs.

Nutritional Guidelines & Support


Your muscles are built by the nutrients your body receives from the food that you give it.

For this reason, BoingVert puts a lot of emphasis on nutrition and offers you a complete diet as well as nutritional guides. It shows you what to eat, when to it, and how much, so that your muscles can grow to their maximum potential.

For those who purchase the lifetime package, BoingVert also offers support via email. This can be very handful if you have the budget and it’s a good way to make sure you’re on track. The support can have all your personal questions answered, thus you can be totally confident in the process.

Overall BoingVert is a legitimate program and it’s a good alternative to other vertical jump programs I’ve covered here in the past, such Jump Manual and Vert Shock.

Alek Shankargargh

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