An Overview of The BoingVert Jump System

BoingVert is one the most advertised vertical jump training programs available nowadays. It has enjoyed its greatest success after its introduction to the internet audience in 2010.

But many people still question the legitimacy of this program. It’s easy to understand why – there are hardly any details about it on the net. Other than people showcasing their dunks on instagram and a handful of sites that mention it, there’s nothing.

For this reason I decided to buy this program and shed some light on it.

Today I will give you a rough overview of this mysterious vertical jump training system and share with you my thoughts about it.

Let’s start.

How The Program Looks?

Its format is in the form of a private members area along with videos and ebook materials that are all about jumping higher.

Shawn Myszka, the author of the program, has been a personal trainer for a lot of professional athletes. He has written the outline for BoingVert based on his vast experience as a coach along with Kelly Bagget, another renowned trainer. Thus, his coaching and training methods are written out in a logical and empirical way.

BoingVert Features

BoingVert goes in depth into the dieting habits and routine exercises that affect an athlete’s vertical jump. The program offers great advice on how to train for the vertical jump and how to do it the right way. It states the correct approaches you should take in order to make the best out of your training.

The author, Shawn Myszka, who is a vertical jump coach, has created a system for increasing your vertical leap systematically over a period of seven months. Inside BoingVert he presents charts and plans of intensive workout periods for the entire duration of the program.

He stresses out the fact that a high level of commitment is required in order to reap the benefits from this program.

Nonetheless, the program does a good job of making it easier for you to stay consistent, as the exercises are frequently rotated so that it doesn’t become too repetitive and boring over time.

Combination of Exercises

BoingVert is a very detailed workout program that includes stretches, strength training and plyometric exercises. When you combine all of these elements together, you get a complete workout program that helps you increase your vertical jump quickly and effectively.


Multiple approaches are combined to create a stronger effect.

The actual secret of this program is how the mechanics of every exercise are executed.

The exercises are explained thoroughly in order to be executed correctly. Each exercise has a video demonstration that shows you how to execute it properly.

The plyometric exercises inside BoingVert help to increase the explosive strength in your legs. This explosiveness is extremely crucial for volleyball and basketball players as it tremendously affects the overall performance of their game.

Advantages of BoingVert

One of the biggest advantages of BoingVert is that it teaches you how to use proper form so that you’re able to jump higher already on the first week. This is a well designed program that helps you gain quickness and balance along with height on your vertical jump.

The program not only offers relevant and helpful information on how to jump higher, but it also teaches you the physics and the science behind vertical jump.

But that’s not all.

BoingVert has a lot of extra resources, guides and interactive training to help you structure and customize the workouts to your level and needs.

Nutritional Guidelines & Support


Your muscles are built by the nutrients your body receives from the food that you give it.

For this reason, BoingVert puts a lot of emphasis on nutrition and offers you a complete diet as well as nutritional guides. It shows you what to eat, when to it, and how much, so that your muscles can grow to their maximum potential.

For those who purchase the lifetime package, BoingVert also offers support via email. This can be very handful if you have the budget and it’s a good way to make sure you’re on track. The support can have all your personal questions answered, thus you can be totally confident in the process.

Overall BoingVert is a legitimate program and it’s a good alternative to other vertical jump programs I’ve covered here in the past, such Jump Manual and Vert Shock.

Why Vert Shock Might Be The Best Vertical Jump Program

This post is a followup to the Jump Manual review we did not long ago on the subject of vertical jumping.

Another program, called Vert Shock, has established itself as a top vertical jump program that improves the jumping ability of an athlete.

Many basketball players have used Vert Shock to get the ultimate results and have increased their jumping ability significantly.

But there are many precautions to be taken to get things going in the way they’re meant to be. The program delivers the key points that can be used to bring out an efficient approach towards the athlete to achieve a desired result.

If you’d rather watch than read, a guy named Phil Clarke made a Vert Shock review and has broken down this program quite thoroughly.

Vert Shock Training

Vert Shock is a program which consists of loads of documentations and other things that are essential for delivering a more efficient approach towards the mission of getting a higher vertical jump. This program has helped a lot of athletes, especially the basketball players as this sport is all about jumping from here to there in order to dunk baskets and to block the opponent.


I’m a big fan of over delivery and Adam Folker’s Vert Shock comes in a package which consists of e-books that comprise the major part of the program. These include all the exercises that are to be done during the eight weeks of the program.

The rest of the package is occupied by the diet charts and the training schedule that needs to be followed appropriately for extremely high results to be attained.

Overall the program is an 8 week course split in to 3 phases that are strategically designed to increase your jump in an advanced systematic training.

The creators, Adam Folker and Justin Darlington (the world’s highest dunker), guarantee that by following the system in detail one can attain between 9 to 15 inches to his vertical. To prove their claims, they released many Vert Shock results to show people the effectiveness of the Folker System.


Justin Darlington wins the Nike Dunk Contest

The Folker System

So whenever an athlete involves himself in any kind of program or sports activity, he is more likely to get sport injuries every now and then.

I know from experience in sports like basketball and volleyball, the injury rate is very high. These injuries are the result of carelessness caused during the practice of the exercises that are in other programs.

The most severe sport injury that is likely to happen to athletes that delve more into the vertical jumping exercises is the jumper’s knee – the area around the knee gets swelled up and the victim gets immobilized due to the pain.

The Vert Shock Folker System contains precautions that are taken before starting to work on the program to avoid any sport injuries. Other programs like BoingVert also do this, but to less extent.

Strength & Stamina Workouts


Adam Folker on UC Irvine

There is an equal and opposite reaction to every action. This is the principle that can be used to explain the need to have stronger legs to prevent any sport injury while practicing vertical jumps and resisting gravity. The stronger the legs will be the higher the stamina will go to get a hold of things.

The exercises that are being done to improve the strength of the legs and to become more immune to injuries like shin splits and jumper’s knee, are many in the number.

Stretching Exercises

The stretching exercises in Vert Shock condition the whole body in the process of warming up and help in preventing the sport injuries that are quite common in programs like Air Alert. These exercises help in providing a momentum and activate the explosive parts of the muscle.

Vert Shock is very effective in providing improvement in vertical jumps but if the above mentioned precautions are undertaken the desired result is achieved more efficiently and the results stay for long term too.

One thing to mention though is that the program does not include a weight lifting module, if you’re in your teen years it’s better to wait until your skeleton is done growing and then incorporate the lifting into your workouts, other wise you might be hurting your growth spurt and stunt your height.


Wait until you’re done growing!

For more mature athletes however (usually after the age of 18) no weight lifting would probably be a disadvantage because of several reasons, the most obvious one is that weight lifting keeps your joints more immune to injuries (especially the knees). Another benefit that could come out of it is that the lifting itself, when done in the right volumes, can produce lots of testosterone which is a benefit by itself for high intensity athletes. The reason being is that testosterone is an anabolic hormone and it speeds up the recovery of muscles after a long strain session like a basketball game.

If you are an adult athlete it might be more beneficial to actually go with the jump manual or mix Vert Shock with a strength training routine.

Learn To Dunk With The Jump Manual Vertical Training Program

Dunking a basketball is one of the hardest things a man could do in his life. I’m sure everyone would agree with me on that. Because if you’re not blessed with an NBA height, you’re going to have a tough time reaching the rim.

And yet, dunking is still one of the best things you could do if you want to earn respect from the people you play with.

So what can you do to make this happen?

Fortunately, with a little bit of help from The Jump Manual, you can learn how jump higher. Much higher.

Jump Manual?

Yep. That’s the name of the program, and it’s really one of the best ways to increase your vertical.

But before that, let’s understand what it takes to dunk.

A short read through of the manual teaches us a lot about jumping in general. Learning to dunk is basically just learning to jump better. You already have two hands to hold the ball, all you need to do is to get them above the rim and you’re good to go.

Watch this video to better understand the mechanism behind the program.

Why Use The Jump Manual

Let’s not kid ourselves though, developing a high vertical leap is really the hard part. The sad truth is, the shorter you are the harder it is for you to reach the rim.

But not all is lost.

If you have an average height, there’s no reason for you to give up on that dream of dunking.

The jump manual is a program that can increase your vertical by more than 10 inches, thus even if you’re an average Joe with an average vertical, you can still learn how to dunk in a matter of a few months. Take a look at the guy in the image, you think he was always superman?! Nope. The truth is, he was someone a lot shorter who managed to increase his vertical by 15 inches, and he did that with the jump manual.


Hiller as a kid Vs. Hiller Today

Jumping – A God Given Talent?

Jumping high is not a god given talent. There is some degree of genetics involved in it, but it has to do more with fast and slow twitch fibers.

Every one of us has both, fast and slow twitch fibers, they just differ in ratios from one person to another.

However, even if we’re on the downside and we only have a few fast twitch fibers but many slow twitch fibers, we can still teach our slow fibers to act fast and fire quickly.

With the unique approach used in the jump manual, we can literally disable almost completely the genetic factor and yield results that would not shame even an NBA player. This is what Matthew Godley, a famous user of this program, has done, and he published his dunks in his review of the jump manual on his blog.

The Jump manual is a proven system that helps even people who are not natural jumpers to develop a solid high vertical. The program was tested on many athletes and was always found to work.

Multi Facet Approach + Jacob Hiller


Coach Jacob Hiller

The program offers amazing workouts that are oriented to the right muscle groups making them extremely reactive. This high reactivity is called explosiveness, and it’s very effective for boosting your anabolic hormones, that’s why it’s what the jump manual engages most in its exercises and workouts.

A huge thing we love so much about the jump manual is Jacob Hiller’s 1 on 1 personal coaching, which comes at an extra but is very worth it. Hiller is a world-class coach with a great resume. Just search his name on the internet and you’ll be amazed of how many NBA players he has trained. You get to be trained by someone who has done his due diligence for more than 10 years, and for the price of just 67 bucks, it’s a bargain.

There’s also a community of athletes around the jump manual to simulate the group effect where people help each other, share tips and post videos of themselves dunking to motivate one another. This is an excellent way to stay fresh and focused for the long term.

Workouts & Exercises


Resistance training as a foundation

The program has workouts optimized for every individual on each and every level. If you’re already a trained athlete you can go straight to the hardcore training, but if you’re just a beginner the program has you covered as well.

Basically the system is structured as a 14 day cycle workout regimen, in which every day is dedicated to a different facet of vertical jumping. One day you’ll be working on strength training, the next day you’ll be doing stretching and plyometrics etc..

Unlike the vert shock system or the BoingVert jump system, jump manual puts a big emphasis on strength training and bases it as the foundation of the training.

I completely agree with this approach because I myself neglected this area, and many times after reaching a certain threshold on my jump, my knees and ankles would start to wear down and I could no longer take the pounding. I’ve seen this happen to other athletes as well, so it’s pretty important that you incorporate weight lifting in your training.

It’s also worth mentioning that this program does not require any gym, although if you have access to a gym, you can do the exercises at the ease and comfort of your own. What’s certain is that you won’t be bored with the program, jump manual is quite varied and the routine itself is very mixed.

Final Words


Featured on ESPN & Fade Away

Falling to the trap of working out days and hours incorrectly is quite common, especially in jumping where people usually train for endurance rather than explosiveness and often don’t even target the right muscle groups.

We all have a limited amount of time and energy, and in order to be consistent we need to attend to our time and energy. The price we pay for each unsuccessful program or training we go through exhausts those resources and leaves us even less enthusiastic to the next time.

With this program however, many people managed to flip the switch and finally get results.

This time you have a chance to seize your efforts and make true gains on your vertical. If you really wish to dunk then you owe it to yourself to at least try the jump manual, and you can count on the results to come, since so many people have had huge success with this program.