Overcoming Fear Factor Of Dentists In Children

Today we have our first guest post on the blog from Dr. Wright which is a known respectable dentist from the city of Louisville in Kentucky. Dr. Wright specializes in treating children and he brought us a few tips on how to deal with the fear factor of kids from a visit to the dentist.

Any parent with experience knows that the very sight of a dentist’s room is something that terrifies and scares the minds of kids. Most parents face this challenge whenever they have to take their children to the dentist’s office. Many parents do not pay much heed to the fear factor of their young ones, yet it is very important that a parent will understand what is troubling the child and what is causing him to fear the dentist so dreadfully.


Typical reaction of a child

What Makes Them Afraid?

The overall setup of a dentist’s chamber is something that generates a sense of fear inside the little heart. The dental chair, the various instruments that are being used, his assistants etc… all these are things that make the little one think that something very painful is about to happen to him and that triggers fear emotion and a wish to run off. The impression at times is so serious that the child would make all the excuses next time just to ensure that he is not being forced to the dentist’s clinic.

Parents Need To Help


A kid’s nightmare

As the guardian there are certain key roles that the father or the mother will have to play if they want their child to overcome the fear of visiting a dentist. The list of things that they should do and should not do include the following:

  • Parents need to teach their children about the importance of dental care and how a dentist would be able to teach methods of dental care the best way.
  • Parents need to avoid telling about any painful experience that they might have experienced in their childhood after visiting a dentist. Instead, they should try and harp on the fact that a visit to the dentist is actually something very interesting and that should be done at regular intervals.
  • Not only for the heck of saying, but parents should also ensure that the kid being taken to the dentist at regular intervals. This will ensure he will gradually get accustomed with the setup and the fear would automatically go away.

Dentists Should Help Too

It is not only the parents who need to play a role in helping the child overcome his fear, it is an equally important responsibility for the dentist as well to ensure that the patient get comfortable with him and do not show any signs of apathy whenever they need to visit the dentist. Things that a dentist should ensure while taking care of a young child is that he should talk in the most polite manner and talk about things that make the little one happy. Cookies, basketball, baseball, etc. are some topics that will make the child feel more comfortable while the dentist carries out his procedures.


I still find this scary but apparently kids love it

The dentist should also have the skill of explaining the whole dental procedure to his little patient in the simplest form so that the child understands what exactly is going to be done with his mouth or teeth and he can overcome his fear of visiting the dentist the next time.

If you’d like to receive more information on children’s oral care, Dr. Wright works as a dentist in LouisvilleĀ  and offers a unique approach by handling youngsters in a very releasing playful way. If you happen to live in the Louisville area you’re invited to take your child to a free exam and give him a positive experience that will help him overcome his dental fears in the future.